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Apopad is a digital software platform that supports people in their work. Genuinely.

Shift to a more effortless communication in your pharmacy and lead it better.

Apopad offers you a simple and safe way to manage knowledge in your pharmacy, wherever you are – on the go. It allows you to open a door towards a social and communal working environment. Apopad leads and guides the user in various ways. Nobody will be left out in terms of knowledge.

Towards a more mobile leadership for pharmacies

Apopad’s comprehensive software solution provides an instant, ready-to-use application to ensure that the knowledge and the people you need are always within your reach – whether you use a Windows workstation, an Apple or an Android mobile device, or the BIG PAD interactive display included in the Apopad-solution.

Apopad functions in all modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari, as well as in the languages of Finnish, Swedish and English.

Learn more about the different features of Apopad below.

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Familiarise yourself with working on a digital platform

To ensure the best digital experience, we have chosen the BIG PAD collection developed by the market leader Sharp, which provides the opportunity to work on digital platforms of different sizes, depending on the use and the environment. The displays bring the digital information from meetings, news, internal notices, announcements and on scheduled shifts in the Apopad software right to the centre of the organisation.

You will find the perfect alternative for countless different use scenarios ranging from meetings, training, and info sessions as well as critical collaboration situations to specialised analyses and teleconferences.

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"In the past, the staff had to drive back and forth between Kotka and Helsinki to attend our training seminars - though Apopad, the events now come to your own pharmacy."

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing the digital tools for safe and effortless work on the go, Apopad is a 100 % Finnish software solution brand that connects digital information, people, and the organisations of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Apopad solution also includes a BIG PAD display, which enables the application of lean strategy-based practices by utilising this digital platform.

In other words, it is a brand that crystallizes the greatest ambition of Pekava: to change the way organisations collect, process, and share knowledge.

Apopad users benefit especially in the areas of work efficiency, communication, decision making and knowledge management.

Added value to work efficiency

With its features, the Apopad software makes its users’ working time more efficient, informed, and much more interesting. In the near future, the software can also be used to enhance the work shift management, which would also improve both the productivity of the pharmacy as well as the management and well-being of its employees.

Added value to communication and decision making

The software also enables more efficient internal communication as well as closer cooperation and transparency. At the same time it decisively reduces time, costs, emissions, and stress. In the near future, the software will also provide the means for creative, transparent and efficient communication through instant messaging, as well as for creating eye-catching and dynamic notifications digitally without unnecessary financial and environmental costs. The interactive BIG PAD display in turn further facilitates the collaboration and decision-making by enabling simultaneous viewing and comparison of various sites and charts as well as the simultaneous handling of many different files in the so-called “huddle meetings”. The collaboration and decision-making can also be made more creative in one fell swoop by utilising the drawing features of the display.

Added value to knowledge management

In addition to the aforementioned capabilities, Apopad ensures that no one in your organisation is left out when it comes to knowledge. Every document and piece of knowledge travels along with you – wherever you go. Every document and piece of knowledge travels along with the user – wherever one goes.

Apopad can be deployed without a display, but the software and the display together create a unified digital environment enabling a seamless digital workflow without interruptions and interconnects all the necessary stakeholders.

While the Apopad software along with its features ensures that the knowledge needed for the training seminars and better leadership in the pharmacies is always accessible, the BIG PAD display provides a better access to harness that knowledge. With its features, the display offers many opportunities to make meetings and conferences more efficient and interesting – therefore, its job is to ensure that the knowledge provided by Apopad always finds its recipients.

In other words, the purpose of the BIG PAD display is to bring the necessary knowledge right to the centre of the pharmacy.

Contact us

To start the ordering process, call or send an email to one of our sales contacts. You can also reach us from here.

The sales contacts you can reach out for are our CEO, Petteri Aspelund (tel. +358 40 075 7510 e-mail: petteri.aspelund (at) as well as our business partner, Mika Koivistoinen (tel. +358 40 719 6883 e-mail: mika (at)

The above-mentioned contact information is also included in the sales-section, which you can access from here.

Free trial

In case you want to start with a two-week free trial, you can also proceed to order the demo directly. You can also order the free trial from here.

We serve to the best of our ability

It is especially important to us that the product and service bundle we offer is tailored to your exact needs. Therefore, whatever your method of contact, we will be in touch with you. We want to ensure that your pharmacy gets the maximum possible benefit and that the challenges and the needs of your working environment are taken into consideration. We will create real value for your business.

The implementation always includes a free training program

While Apopad is easy to use, it is imperative for us to ensure that its implementation is successful and you instantly get the most out of it. In other words, if you decide to embark on the journey of digital leadership together with us, we will also offer you a free introductory training program. You can find more information about our training program below at the next question.

Although Apopad is a very easy to use software, it is especially important for us to ensure that our customers get the most out of the implementation process. For this reason, we offer free training to all Apopad subscribers, whether it concerns the technical aspects of the solution or the aspects regarding the actual operation and the benefits of the software.

We provide introductory training nationwide, regardless of the location, and it can be arranged both remotely and on site, depending on your needs.

If you need some training, feel free to contact us, and our training manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If Apopad is a completely new phenomenon to you, in addition to our Frequently Asked Questions, you can get more information by requesting a free demonstration. If you would like to hear more about the Apopad software, you can send us a message through the contact form by pressing the “Request a demonstration of the app” button on the “Software” page. If you would like to hear more about the display included in our solution, please send us a message using the contact form by clicking the “Request a demonstration of the display” button on the “Display” page.

If you already have Apopad, but you need more information regarding the use of the software or the display, you can go to the Support page and underneath the sections “Software Instructions” and “Display Instructions” you will find questions and answers section below both titles. If the information you need cannot be found from the Q&A section, you can send us a message using the contact form on the “Support” page, or you can contact our Helpdesk (tel. +358 10 219 1655 e-mail support (a)

Apopad is an operational management software designed for organisations. You can choose and adopt the most appropriate tools yourself. With Apopad, you can manage the following processes in your pharmacy:

™ Management and the monitoring of digital information

™ Meetings and conferences

™ Remote training

™ Remote meetings

™ Communication and notices

™ Documents and files

™ Calendar and events

™ Electronic shift management and schedules

™ Video conferencing

™ Video recordings

In other words, the Apopad software includes a variety of features promoting work efficiency, communication, and knowledge management.

Immediately accessible features

The software’s calendar feature enables targeting and sending invitations and information on events to units, departments or individuals, and in turn allows the recipient to receive separate reminders from them and to respond to these quickly and effortlessly.

The notice feature allows the users to segment, target and send internal notices, including images, video and audio files, documents, spreadsheets and presentations to recipients. At the same time, the sender receives the information about the recipients who have opened the notice in question.

The software also includes the news feature that allows the user to select and follow newsfeeds that are important and current to them. It also allows, if necessary, to cancel them easily and effortlessly.

Apopad Meet, on the other hand, provides the means for an easy and secure communication with internal and external stakeholders, regardless of time or location. The conference tool also allows you to share your screen with other participants of a meeting as well as recording these video meetings.

Upcoming features

Apopad is working on an instant messaging feature that allows the user to instantly reach the desired individuals or groups – regardless of time and place.

Additionally, the software has an electronic shift management feature currently under development, which in the future will allow the user to easily schedule the shifts of their staff as well as for the staff members to view the selected shifts in advance.

The software’s upcoming cloud storage solution will allow a secure and encrypted storage of files inside a single external cloud storage. In addition, by synchronising the files between their own devices and the external cloud storage, the user and the chosen stakeholders have access to files and the information that concerns them anywhere, anytime and with any device.

In the future, the Apopad application will also serve as a digital whiteboard for internal communication.

Apopad All In Promise

In addition to its features, Apopad includes an Apopad All In promise, which guarantees the delivery, training, a five-year warranty, maintenance, support and a 24-hour care for its user. Because the user satisfaction is worth its weight in gold, Apopad also invests in continuous software development, updating as well as genuine partnership.

The product portfolio offered by our solution includes the following displays:








Organisational development benefits everyone. You now have the opportunity to manage your organisation through lean strategy by leveraging the digital platforms our displays represent. From the following uses, you will discover many benefits regarding the communication, knowledge management and future sales competitions – or even while watching the World Cup.

Holding a meeting without deeper consideration may result in various sorts of discord, manifesting as indolence, lack of commitment or as messages that, despite their creative intent, do not reach their listeners.

One of the founding ideas of the display is to provide the organisation with a systematic tool which allows you to develop your own meeting practices. The goal is to make meetings interesting and to ensure that the tools are up-to-date.

In fact, the biggest change in our work and personal lives are these mobile devices and the working practices learned using them.

Microsoft 365 programs

The display allows you to open the regular Microsoft 365 files, write and edit them in real time as well as save and share information from a single desktop. You can also make notes on a digital whiteboard and even manage all the necessary software on the same digital desktop.

Info sessions & visitors

Visitors’ devices, including mobile devices, phones, tablets and portable workstations, can be connected to the display either wirelessly or through a wired connection. The connected device can also be included with a touch feature, allowing the performer to control the presentation straight from the display.


The purpose of the displays is to enhance learning. Working with displays during the training sessions produces more content, which consequentially makes these educational situations more interactive. You are able to further improve the participation and the engagement of your staff.

The displays are equipped with tools to hold the training situations securely from distance. The Apopad software enables the creation of a software-independent interface that makes it possible for even external stakeholders to participate.

Additionally, everything done on the display can be saved to Apopad recordings. This allows the employees to view the training at a time more suitable for them.

Finished content

There is a lot of educational material in the industry in the form of ready-made recordings or other kinds of content. The display enables the sharing of such training content with multiple people, while simultaneously utilising the other tools embedded in the display.


Everything done with the display on-site or remotely can be recorded. Therefore, the learning is not interrupted even if only one group participates in the medication info session or if the educator decides to hold the training remotely. Others can watch the recorded session later at a time most suitable for them and also discuss it in Apopad.

The work done on the display can be recorded in real time.

The Pharmacy system

Connecting the pharmacy systems, including Maxx, PD3 and Salix, to the display is easy and makes it possible for you to enhance your communication. In addition to this, the utilisation of the high resolution display aids in discerning even the most complicated subjects.

Ask more about connecting the pharmacy systems by using our contact form or support site.

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