About us

Years ago, we started building the Apopad software together with pharmacies. Our aim was to listen to the challenges of pharmacy work, respond to needs and fix issues related to working methods wisely – collectively, through the matters experienced from the perspective of the individual’s work. The purposeful work gave naturally birth to Apopad’s customer promise, which is to genuinely support people in their work.

Our vision and mission is to turn Apopad into the most coveted digital platform that connects the organisations and people across the industry, helps to manage knowledge better and brings it right to the centre of the pharmacy.

The most important task of our sales is to understand the real everyday challenges of the client pharmacy, as well as their own operating methods and processes – based on these, new operating models that foster the client’s business are created through proper collaboration, promoting the continuation of the pharmacy’s operating environment.

We can be proud of the projects we have done so far, and about 30 Finnish pharmacies have already thought the same. Our journey continues and we hope we have the opportunity to discuss the future of your organisation as well.

Our biggest drive is customer trust, and we do our job with a big heart. Each encounter is unique, and the customer is always our focal point. We wish to improve and, notably, listen to how you would like to develop your own pharmacy and organisation. Help us help you.

We believe that the future of the industry is digital.

Sales contact information:

Petteri Aspelund

040 075 7510


Mika Koivistoinen
Business Partner

 040 719 6883


The main goal of our support services is to ensure that the customer’s use of our solution is as easy and effortless as possible, and that they get the maximum possible benefit from our bundle and everything it can offer.

Helpdesk / Support contact information:

 010 219 1655


Weekdays 8:00 – 16:15

Pekava is a nationwide service company whose mission is to change the way the organisations collect, process, and share information. With the right tools and procedures, you will take control of the most important resource of your company.

We are a 100% Finnish-owned company, and we are responsible for our own product development in Finland. Our agile approach allows us to choose the exact right tools to meet our customers’ needs and wishes.

Come and develop the future with us.

Contact us

Apopad Finland

Industrial Park / Lasimestarintie 5


 +358 (0)10 219 1651



Takkatie 1, 00380 HELSINKI FINLAND

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