CASE: Kontio Pharmacy

The pharmacist Päivi Lattunen presents the new Apopad hardware and applications at Kontio Pharmacy in Kotka. Nothing was known about Apopad at the time the facilities were designed, and therefore the only suitable place for the giant 50-inch tablet was found on the staff break room’s wall.

With Apopad, the pharmacy manages all the information and trains the staff

Päivi Lattunen is already satisfied with the ways Apopad has brough forth new opportunities and benefits to facilitate the daily life of the pharmacy, even though the actual development of the application’s content is still in its baby steps.

– I already dare to recommend Apopad. Many colleagues have come on an excursion here and then ordered the equipment for their own pharmacies afterwards, Päivi Lattunen says.

According to Päivi Lattunen, there is a lot of discussion about digitalisation in pharmacies.

– There is also talk that pharmacies have stagnated. But that is not the case. For example, the electronic prescription is already used in about 97% of the cases and the digitalisation is a common trend. You’re welcome to have a look, says Päivi Lattunen.

The Apopad software solution runs on hardware developed by Sharp and it uses the Windows operating system. Apopad works with the touch of a finger. You can also draw and write on the screen with your finger. At the same time, Apopad functions as an electronic flip chart and as a large screen. All the important information, current notices and messages can be gathered in one place. With casters, a display mounted to the stand can be moved, for example, to a customer space to serve as an electronic billboard. Apopad is interactive and provides versatile tools for knowledge management. With Apopad, it is easy to participate in a training held in another locality.

In fact, it is the training of the staff at Kontio Pharmacy that Apopad has already brought relief to. – In the past, the staff had to drive back and forth between Kotka and Helsinki to attend the training seminars. With Apopad, the events now come to your own pharmacy where you can attend them live or later via a recording. And most importantly, the training can take place during the working hours, says Päivi Lattunen.

In pharmacies, the staff training is constant. According to Päivi Lattunen, new products and new material are introduced all the time.

– Apopad is very suitable for constant training.

– For the time being, the sales representatives still visit on-site, in person, but that is also likely to change.

In addition to the joint training, Apopad has also brought Kontio Pharmacy the tools for self-study and meeting practices. It also makes it easy for the visitors to hold presentations.

Petteri Aspelund from Pekava believes that Apopad is going to be widely used in pharmacies. Pekava also intends to enter the international markets with Apopad.

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