Apopad Meet

Closer collaboration at a lower cost

Apopad Meet enables effortless and secure communication with both internal and external stakeholders – anywhere, anytime. With this meeting tool, you can organise meetings, gatherings, training sessions, and conferences in a matter of minutes without having to worry about traveling or distances.

In other words, by using Apopad Meet, you can strengthen the collaboration between units and departments around the world while drastically reducing the time spent, costs, emissions, and stress.

Meetings that are clear and easy to follow

Apopad Meet also includes a screen sharing feature, making the illustration of your presentation fast and effortless.

With this simple feature, you can make sure that the topics covered in the meeting remain clear and easy to follow.

Promote transparency, responsibility, and information sharing

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, Apopad Meet also allows you to record the video meetings, giving all the relevant stakeholders the access to the issues discussed at the meeting whenever they wish. By guaranteeing free access to the matters dealt with at a later date, you are also promoting transparency, a sense of responsibility and the sharing of information between your employees.

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