Inform and understand your employees

Apopad’s notice feature allows you to target and send internal notices with attached images, video files, audio files, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to targeted units, departments or even individuals. Additionally, the party sending will be notified when the recipients have opened the notice.

In other words, this feature gives you, the sender of the notice, some valuable information regarding your employees’ commitment.

Prioritise and stay up to date

On the other hand, this feature allows you, the recipient of the notice, to follow the exact internal news that you find most relevant. Notices can also be classified into three different priority categories based on their criticality, giving you the opportunity to prioritise the most critical posts.

Towards enhanced internal communication and work time management

By providing you with the tools to better understand your employees as well as to prioritise and stay up-to-date on the posts that matter to you the most, Apopad’s notice feature creates a framework for enhanced internal communication and work time management.

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