Relevant news to you with less effort

Apopad’s news feature allows you to view numerous newsfeeds from countless news sources, as well as the complete control to select the most relevant and up-to-date news sources to follow from anywhere and anytime – without spam or giving away your personal information.

As this feature eliminates the need to spend extra time going through spam, browsing individual news pages, or filling out personal information forms, you have the opportunity to invest that time in other tasks or matters.

Up-to-date and optimised

This feature ensures that the selection or cancellation of your newsfeeds is easy and effortless, and that the latest and the most up-to-date news topics are firstly available to you.

In other words, it guarantees that your news page always stays up-to-date and optimised just for you.

Towards more efficient, informed, and interesting time at work

By providing you the foundation to free up extra time and stay up-to-date on your relevant and interesting topics, Apopad’s news feature makes your time at work more efficient, more informed – and most importantly, much more interesting.

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