Overlay board

Draw on files with Pen Software’s Overlay tool

In addition to the notes taken “on the fly” , the BIG PAD displays included in the Apopad solution also provide an Overlay tool that allows you to write and draw on files, images, web pages, and videos opened from Apopad’s cloud storage and internal notices as well as from other sources.

In this case, too, the captured screenshots can be saved as PDF and general image file formats to the desired storage destination.

Excellent overlay board

In other words, in addition to the fact that BIG PAD displays can be used as digital whiteboards, the tools used for writing on top of various files included in the displays also make them excellent overlay boards.

More creative communication and decision-making

Together with the whiteboard role, the use of the BIG PAD display as an overlay board provides an even stronger foundation for more creative communication and decisionmaking.

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